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By: sh.mukherjee | July 18, 2016

On the ETF Strategy blog, Alan Miller, founding partner and Chief Investment Officer of SCM Direct does not think very highly of robo-advisers.

SCM Direct: Robo-advisors are ‘financially unviable’

It takes too long to turn a profit, longer than clients are willing to keep their money

There are several regulatory issues relating to reporting of performance, advice given or not given to clients, and fees and charges.

Mercer has released their 2016 European Asset Allocation survey.

Key findings:

  • Lower bond exposures
  • Smaller UK plans are more exposed to Brexit-related volatility
  • Institutional investors still like emerging market
  • Cashflow concerns are increasingly driving the investment approach

By: sh.mukherjee | July 12, 2016

On the Institutional Investor blog Unconventional Wisdom, Paul Smith of the CFA Institute talks about the value of active management and the challenges that lie ahead to prove its worth to investors. 

A New Perspective on the Active-Passive Investing Debate

He cuts to the chase in the very first paragraph, about the relative worth of passive versus active, and contends that passive strategies would not be successful without the existence of active strategies.

On the Kurtosys blog, David Prosser argues that maybe instead of thinking about active management versus passive management, it might be better to just keep assets in cash? 

Does Cash Beat the Stock Market After All?

Now, if only I could find a savings account that offers a half-decent inte...

By: sh.mukherjee | July 10, 2016

Investopedia has a good summary of Scotland's possible future in the EU and the different avenues to get there.

Can Scotland Join the EU If It Leaves the U.K.?

Assuming of course, that there is still an EU by then.

With the recent slew of open-ended property fund suspensions, Citywire Select has a list of closed-ended property investment trusts that are very cheap at the moment, and thus represent big opportunities.

Investment Trust Watch: property promise not peril